what is orobora?

Orobora is the science of continuous improvement…

Orobora is a new business dedicated to continuous improvement of our clients’ communications and the professional lives of those who work with us.

The word, orobora, is a variation of the word “ouroborus” — a  snake chasing its own tail — often used as a symbol of infinity. Carl Jung interpreted the ouroboros as having archetypal significance to the human psyche.

We interpret orobora as a symbol of continuous improvement, more like the rings of a tree than a restless serpent. We use the artwork of collage artist Deborah O’Keeffe to visually illustrate the concept.

Orobora is the fifth incarnation of Internet Publicity Services, Inc.

Founded by Steve O’Keefe in 1994, Internet Publicity Services was among the first Internet PR firms in the world. IPS syndicated content in the form of book excerpts and news releases, and produced online programing for customers including Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, Random House’s Seussville, The New York Review of Books, and the AdTech Conference.

Reborn as Patron Saint Productions in 2001,

dedicated to teaching individuals and businesses how to produce ethical, effective online PR campaigns. For 11 years, O’Keefe taught Internet PR at Tulane University, while also teaching at Stanford University, UCLA Extension, Rowan University, Loyola and for the PRSA, PMA, and other trade groups. O’Keefe was co-founder of the International Association of Online Communicators (IAOCblog.com), an early effort to establish professional standards for online communicators.

Then came SixEstate and the science of Newsblogging

In 2010, pushed out of New Orleans by one too many hurricanes, O’Keefe moved to the relative safety of the Shenandoah Valley, an area where the clean living matches the wholesome name, a small village of 25,000 or so people cradled between two mountain ranges.

Staunton, Virginia, is the sort of place where cell signals are hard to find but a homemade meal and and a microbrewed beer are available anywhere. Staunton’s protected position makes it an ideal incubator for experiments in continuous improvement.

Orobora was born…

After five years perfecting Newsblogging with David Reich at SixEstate, O’Keefe started something new with his colleague, Katie McCaskey. Together, they are taking newsblogging to a new level, offering a newswire service, interviewing services, lead generation, CRM management, database maintenance, social networking management, new product launches, ongoing PR — even temporary staffing, if you need it, for as long as you need it, wherever you are!

Orobora offers everything for marketing and customer acquisition, from contacts to content, from CMO to DIY. Send us your idea and we’ll send you back a plan and a cost estimate. If you know someone whose marketing could use a little continuous improvement — a little orobora — we would appreciate the referral.

Orobora — we all win when things get better!

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