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Bloggers are key to any modern marketing strategy. How you reach out to them is as important as the quality of the product or service you hope they will review. Here are best practices:

Bloggers are busy and most of them write as a hobby. Get to the point right away. You have just a few sentences to get their attention and tell your story. Why should they care about your or your product?

Craft and send individual emails. Yes, it takes longer. It is also far more effective. Be sure to demonstrate that you are familiar with a blogger’s work. Add a (gentle) bit of your own personality. Compliments never hurt—so long as they are genuine!

Links, Not Attachments
Make it easy for a blogger to get more information and download materials. Use trusted websites—like Dropbox or Google Docs—to share links.

Make It Easy to Reach You
Include relevant contact details directly in your pitch. Offering a variety of ways to get in touch legitimizes your request for a review. Include your website, mailing address, telephone, twitter handle, or whatever method(s) you feel comfortable sharing. These can all fit in your signature without being overwhelming.

Wait a Week to Follow Up
Everyone is busy. If you don’t hear from a blogger in a week, move on. Pestering a blogger is a sure way to diminish your chances of success!

Never Forget the Thank You
Be sure to always thank a blogger. There are a few ways to do so, and it’s best to use all of them. 1. Send thanks directly, by whatever means they contacted you (e.g., email or Twitter). 2. Comment on their blog. If commenting on your review post seems too self-serving, comment somewhere else. Bloggers love comments. 3. Share the blogger’s post on all of your social media. Bloggers appreciate all added exposure.


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