staunton media lab

2016 Employee of the Year. From left to right: Cindy Roberts, Coordinator of Workforce Services, DBVI; Coley Evans, Audio Director, SML; Tiffany Sweat, Administrative Assistant, DBVI; Steve O’Keefe, Executive Director, SML. ©2016 Jessica Collette, DBVI. Used with permission.

Staunton Media Lab is No Longer in Business

(April 1, 2020 — Staunton, Virginia) Steve O’Keefe, former executive director of the Staunton Media Lab, announced today that  Staunton Media Lab is ceasing operations, effective immediately.  Staunton Media Lab was a media arts program for deaf, blind and uniquely-able students to learn video editing skills and audio editing skills, for which they are uniquely suited.

The Staunton Media Lab was founded in 2015 and for a time had offices at the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind. The lab provided video editing services for clients such as the American Shakespeare Center, and audio editing services for clients such as the Jim Rutt Show. Former employees of the lab continue to work together with Steve O’Keefe at, a content marketing firm.

For more information about the Staunton Media Lab, the ARMI Assistive Technology Arm, or other projects of the Staunton Media Lab, please contact Thank you!

Check out these video highlights on YouTube and audio highlights at SoundCloud.