press kits for books and authors

What is your book about? How long does it take to answer that question? The easiest answer — read the book — takes the most time to complete.

Does a journalist have to read your entire book to be able to write about it? Will a bookstore browser have to read your entire book before they know whether they want to buy it? Will a store clerk have to read your entire book before they recommend it?

If you want to make it easier for retail prospects, the media and the trade to get involved with your book, you need to pull  them in with custom content designed to appeal. This includes such things as “blurbs,” endorsements or reviews quoted on the book’s cover; summary copy explaining what your book is about; suggested excerpts based on what topics the media covers and where they’re from.

The Press Kit is the Source of All Marketing

The best way to tell people what your book is about is to create a press kit for the book (and author) as soon as the manuscript is complete. The press kit becomes the basis for all of the following vitally-important tools in the author’s or publisher’s marketing kit:

  • Printed Press Kits and Media Kits
    Sent with galleys or Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) to major reviewers and long-lead media contacts, usually three months prior to the book’s publication date.
  • Online Press Kits or Media Kits
    The printed press kits are re-formatted for use as an online press kits. The online press kit can consist of a single web page or an entire website. The online press kit often includes artwork reviewers are free to use.
  • Online News Rooms or Media Rooms
    The press kits is often the basis for a “news room” or “media room” on the author’s or publisher’s website. Media rooms often contain a news release archive, publicity contact information, mutimedia clips and other tools useful to journalists, bloggers and show producers.
  • Book Companion Websites
    Press kit materials are the basis for most book companion websites. The copy written for the press kit translates easily to the companion website, with sections like “about the book,” “about the author,” “plot summary,” “top five takeaways,” etc. The keywords and meta data collected for the press kit become the basis for website tagging.
  • Sales Copy
    Most products require a “one-sheet” or one page summary document that contains short versions of all the most important information related to the book or product. These one-sheets are built from the press kit. They contain such info as the book’s meta data, short description, short author bio, marketing plans, regional hooks, topical hooks, book cover, author photo — all on one page.
  • Back Cover Copy
    Great back cover copy doesn’t just happen; It’s a reduction. It’s the result of the process of breaking the book down to into the best chapters, the best excerpts, the best paragraphs, the best one-liners, the best “zingers,” the hottest tips, the most memorable scenes, the creepy parts, the funny parts, the useful parts, the most newsworthy parts. From the process of reduction eventually comes a few perfect paragraphs for the back cover.
  • News Releases
    News Releases are built out of the press kit materials. There may be a single, new product news release, or a series of releases for different audiences or for milestones in the progress of the project. For books, there’s typically a “new book release” plus a release for any event related to the book, any award won, and any other major news.
  • Advertising Copy
    Advertising copy is usually prepared at the same time as the press kit or from the press kit. The list of keywords related to the book in the press kit becomes the foundation of search advertising and social media marketing.
  • Award Submissions and Applications
    Most books are submitted for awards or prizes in the first two years after publication. Almost all award submissions and applications require information that comes from the press kit.

The Orobora Press Kit

At Orobora, we have produced press kit materials for thousands of authors. We have produced press kits for dozens of Dummies books, big batches of business books, a plethora of parenting books, a library of children’s books, a flock of fiction writers, at least a dozen doctors, and a sesquicentennial of self-publishers! We love making press kits!

Here’s a link to a sample press kit as a single PDF file, and here’s a list of what is included in every Orobora press kit.

  1. We read every word of every book we promote. No kidding. Ask around.
  2. New Product News Release
  3. New Book “One Sheet”
  4. Story Ideas for Journalists
  5. About the Book
  6. About the Author
  7. Best Excerpts
  8. Power Paragraphs, Summary Paragraphs & Mission Statements
  9. Best One-Liners & Zingers
  10. Keywords
  11. Key Names
  12. Key Places

Optional Press Kit Materials

Every book, product and person is different and press kit materials are a little bit different for every project. Here are some of the optional materials you can add to enhance your press kit.

  1. Author Interview
  2. Author Podcast
  3. Author Video
  4. Book Video or Trailer
  5. Plot Summary
  6. Time Line
  7. Character Biographies
  8. Custom Maps
  9. Featured Excerpt Preparation
  10. Sampler of Excerpts or Blad

Press Kits have to be ordered a month in advance, so please contact us today to schedule your press kit materials. There is no cost to reserve, cancel, or extend your delivery date. We look forward to creating exceptional press kit materials that will serve you well for the life of your project! Contact Steve O’Keefe, phone 540-324-7023, email steve.okeefe at Thank you!