amazon top reviewer campaign

Part 1: Amazon Makeover

For many books, fifty percent or more of sales come through Amazon. Your presence on Amazon—especially your book’s Product Detail Page—could be the most important sales literature you have. We have buffed the Amazon pages for dozens of authors and books, tricking them out with added quotes, marketing information, and links. We’ll do the same for your Amazon Author Central Page and Amazon Book Detail Page as long as both you and Amazon consent. See sample makeovers, below.

Part 2: Pitching Top Amazon Reviewers

We identify the most important Amazon reviewers for your book and press them to review your book. It begins with a list of the top books in your field: bestsellers, books like yours, books you admire. We then gather the 10 reviews for each book rated most helpful, leading us to 300 extremely important reviewers. We cull that list to 50 by eliminating those who have not reviewed recently or who give negative reviews. Then we pitch. The results are excellent, with as many as 50% asking for a review copies.

Sample Amazon Makeovers


Marcy Axness
Author of the book Parenting for Peace

John H. Vanston, Ph.D.
Author of the book, Minitrends

Chug Roberts
Publisher, TheCapitol.Net

Photo by William Christiansen

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