fecalnomics is described by author Steve O’Keefe as “the science of why things always turn to sh*t.” The term fecalnomics first surfaced in O’Keefe’s review of the classic text in behavioral economics, Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow.

In the book, Nobel Prize-winner Kahneman explains why human beings make sh*tty decisions. We often make emotional decisions regardless of the facts presented — when we bother to look for facts.

But fecalnomics is much bigger than that! When O’Keefe looked behind him, he realized he had written about poop on a regular basis. So we have lumped all his sh*tiest stories about the economy together into this archive.

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Fecalnomics The nature of poor decision-making, based on the Amazon review of Thinking Fast & Slow by the Nobel economist Daniel Kahneman (from Continuous Improvement: The Newsletter of Orobora)

Monkeys Throwing Feces Are Smarter Than You: A Book Review Steve O’Keefe reviews Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

The Death of Bullshit Marketing How the combination of consumer reviews and social networking is making it impossible for businesses or organizations to lie to us (from The SixEstate Blog)

Branding Without Vomiting (PDF) Most of the popular techniques for promoting a business — cold-calling, advertising, celebrity endorsements — result in nausea for message senders and receivers. Here’s a collection of tips on branding without gagging (from The Beautiful Plan).

The Apple Tree Theory of Publishing (PDF) How books are consumed by writers who then deposit their own concentrated versions of what they have read at the base of the tree of knowledge in the form of manuscr*pts (from The Beautiful Plan).

Image: Linda Tanner