newsjacking vs. newsblogging

I recently attended a Newsjacking webinar with the legendary David Meerman Scott.

buying your way onto bestseller lists

In a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal, long-time publishing correspondent Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg outed book PR firm ResultSource for engineering appearances on bestseller lists for clients’ books.

2015 marketing trends

Focus shifts from the sales funnel to the buyer’s funnel, social marketing gets harder, and other trends.  

lemonade: Sony sets records for online sales

Apparently, there’s no such thing as “bad” publicity. Sony sets records for online revenue after a vicious hack curtails the release of “The Interview.” Digital first the new distribution model?

kinds of projects

“We’re so dissatisfied in participating in traditional politics, that we’re looking for other kinds of projects that are still innately political and contest what can be done in political terms.” Cody Wilson 3-D gun anarchist The Guardian, 2/2014

Value of Cooperating with Competitors

The dominant view of business is one of adversity against competitors. A smarter view is understanding how competitors working together can achieve success. Read the post at Photo by Antonio Thomás Koenigka

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