In Memory of Judith Appelbaum, Editor at Large

A remembrance of Judith Appelbaum, author of How to Get Happily Published, former managing editor at Publishers Weekly, and Editor at Large for the IBPA Independent.

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Book Review: Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me

I went from not liking Greg Koorhan’s new book,
“Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me,” to being a big fan.
If you’re trying to write your story this book helps.

Book Review: Secrets of the Softer Side of Selling

Secrets of the Softer Side of Selling

Decades of wisdom are cooked down in
“Secrets of the Softer Side of Selling”
a great guide for couples or families in business together.

Four Great Examples of List Building

Your list is a significant part of the value of your enterprise.
It pays to grow and groom your list.

Self-Publishing: New Formats, Old Challenges (but Amazon Still Rules)

Self-publishing is on the rise, but the authors are not alone though they can be as independent in their decision-making as they choose.

What Kills a Honey Badger?

The honey badger is considered to be the fiercest fighting animal on Earth. So what kills a honey badger? The answer will surprise you.

Fecalnomics: Why Good People Make Shitty Decisions

Steve O’Keefe discusses the nature of poor decision-making, based on his Amazon review of Thinking Fast & Slow by the Nobel economist Daniel Kahneman.

Monkeys Throwing Feces Are Smarter Than You!

A critical review of “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, one of the founders of Behavioral Economics.

Getting Alice: How to Get Anything You Want

a slice of apple pie

You can get anything you want…
… even Alice!
Fresh Ideas on How to Pitch

Improving Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce

Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce is held up as something that cannot be improved upon. Steve O’Keefe reveals a secret recipe for making your mom’s spaghetti sauce even better. Will it survive his Sicilian mother’s scrutiny?

Book Review: Life in Half a Second

A successful entrepreneur, bodybuilder, business coach, and psychologist, Matthew Michalewicz, suggests five doors you must walk through if you’re serious about achieving success.

Billion Dollar Database

Billion Dollar Database

A bankruptcy court recently valued a single CRM database at $1 billion.
Find out who owns this billion-dollar database and how you can
build a customer database worth $10 to $25 per contact.

The Future of Books

What is a “book,” anyway? And how did we arrive at that definition? Actor and author B.J. Novak addresses this in his children’s book, appropriately titled, “The Book With No Pictures”. His performance in this video demonstrates something all book lovers know: a “book” is simply the delivery device. What is actually a “book” is the brew between whatever material shared and the reader’s mind… “Books” then, provide an experience that is entirely unique to the person experiencing it. (Certainly, there must exist one or more theory books…

bootstrapping brand building

Last week The Wall Street Journal ran a piece about building a brand with a small budget. The recommendations from two entrepreneurs were right on the mark. The first bit of advice was to focus on investing time, not money. The second was to have the company establish a trusted “Figurehead.” Both are so important to branding. Investing Time David Ciccarelli, founder and CEO of, Ontario, is the entrepreneur who recommended time spent with   content creation. Maintaining a blog or a podcast requires significant time investment. However, the…

tech, jobs, and the blue ridge

  We admit it: we’re a bit spoiled living and working in Staunton, Virginia.

continuous improvement

Strad by Collage Artist Deborah O'Keeffe

Orobora is dedicated to the science of continuous improvement. This post explains how to boost your business by 15% this year using simple practices for distributing content and harvesting followers.

case study: 33% growth in one year

content driving sales

Average monthly visitors increased 33% in 2014 at the blog, Childhood Obesity News. If that doesn’t grab your attention, maybe this will: Most of the traffic went to posts written *before* 2014. What’s up with that?

twitter lessons from the Muppet’s Swedish Chef

Børk! Børk! Børk! Swedes are so-so on him but the Swedish Chef, the classic Muppets character, remains a cultural favorite. Add one part pop culture featuring tweeting chefs (see: the premise of last year’s Chef), and two parts nation of self-proclaimed foodies and “social media experts,” you get a soupy mix, of, well:

hiring freelance bloggers

At orobora, we hire journalists with experience covering a specific news beat. We also hire writers with a combination of specific credentials (often masters degrees or doctorates) and superb writing samples.

how to pitch bloggers

Bloggers are key to any modern marketing strategy. How you reach out to them is as important as the quality of the product or service you hope they will review. Here are best practices:

what is orobora?

Orobora is the science of continuous improvement. Orobora, Inc. is a new business dedicated to continuous improvement of our clients’ communications and the professional lives of those who work with us.

the death of bullshit marketing

I have smelled the future of marketing, and it is much sweeter than its past!


Like many small businesses, Orobora has been working at wedding our Content Management System (CMS) and our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software into one full-circle marketing marriage. 

newsjacking vs. newsblogging

I recently attended a Newsjacking webinar with the legendary David Meerman Scott.

buying your way onto bestseller lists

In a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal, long-time publishing correspondent Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg outed book PR firm ResultSource for engineering appearances on bestseller lists for clients’ books.

2015 marketing trends

Focus shifts from the sales funnel to the buyer’s funnel, social marketing gets harder, and other trends.  

lemonade: Sony sets records for online sales

Apparently, there’s no such thing as “bad” publicity. Sony sets records for online revenue after a vicious hack curtails the release of “The Interview.” Digital first the new distribution model?

kinds of projects

“We’re so dissatisfied in participating in traditional politics, that we’re looking for other kinds of projects that are still innately political and contest what can be done in political terms.” Cody Wilson 3-D gun anarchist The Guardian, 2/2014

Value of Cooperating with Competitors

The dominant view of business is one of adversity against competitors. A smarter view is understanding how competitors working together can achieve success. Read the post at Photo by Antonio Thomás Koenigka

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